Luxembourg skyline.

Luxembourg City

In comparison to popular European destinations like London and Paris, Luxembourg is a country that few people visit. That is a tragedy, because Luxembourg City has enormous historic value, natural beauty and old-world charm.

With accessible buses, trams, a funicular and elevators along the hillside, the city is surprisingly easy to get around. Tourists can see the architectural treasures of the city’s historic quarter (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), tour the Grand Duchal Palace, explore Fort Thüngen, and visit the impressive museums of art, history and science.

To learn how you can be the first of your friends to visit Luxembourg, see the Luxembourg Accessible Travel Guide.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania skyline.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States, but the city’s wheelchair accessibility in tourist areas is quite good.

Visitors to Philadelphia can tour Independence Hall (where the U.S. Constitution was drafted), see the Liberty Bell, visit more than 10 incredible museums of history, art and science, attend a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game and eat a local cheesesteak.

If you’re looking for a family vacation destination that has plenty to do and is easy to get around, Philly is the place. To learn more, check out the Philadelphia Wheelchair Accessibility Guide.

Wheelchair accessible Rio de Janeiro,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the most challenging destination to appear on this list, but I promise that the trip will be worthwhile.

As one of the most accessible cities in South America and as a former host of the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro has a lot to offer tourists of all abilities. With many wheelchair accessible things to do, including the stunning cable car ride to Sugarloaf Mountain, the largest aquarium in Latin America, the Museum of Tomorrow and street food to die for — you won’t be left wanting.

Affordable wheelchair taxis and a partially accessible public transit system make it possible to get around Rio in a wheelchair, albeit with some difficulty. To learn more and to decide if Rio is the right destination for you, see the Rio de Janeiro Wheelchair Travel Guide.

Singapore skyline.


Singapore is, by far, the most accessible city in Asia.

With a modern metro system, accessible buses with ramps and wheelchair taxis, your mobility won’t be restricted in this highly developed city.

Wheelchair accessible attractions include national museums of art, culture, history and science, the iconic Flower Dome and Supertree Grove, a cable car, Ferris wheel, world-class cuisine, a zoo, aquarium and more.

A detailed wheelchair travel guide to Singapore will be published later this year.

Sydney, Australia skyline.

Sydney, Australia

You haven’t truly traveled the world until you’ve gone Down Under, and Sydney is the perfect place to begin exploring Australia.

Wheelchair users can tour the iconic Sydney Opera House, visit national museums, tour public parks including the Olympic Park, see koalas at the zoo, visit the beautiful beaches and more.

A detailed wheelchair travel guide to Sydney will be published later this year.

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