Save Money On International Calling With Skype

SkypeWhen traveling abroad, telephone calls back to the United States will be very costly.  On your mobile phone, you might pay anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per minute, depending on your carrier or plan.  Minutes add up quickly, and those calls to your friends and family could quickly become hundreds of dollars on your next cellular bill.

Skype provides those of us traveling with a laptop or smartphone a way to call home for a fraction of the cost.  For just $13.99 per month, users can make unlimited calls to more than 60 countries.  All it takes is a Skype subscription, a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a wi-fi connection.

Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to wi-fi in your hotel room or at a coffee shop and you’ll be able to make unlimited calls immediately.  Better yet, you can cancel the Skype calling plan at ay time, without penalty.  There are no contracts, so you won’t be stuck paying for a service you only plan to use during your vacation or trip.

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