Back in 2018, I bought a microphone with the intent of starting a podcast about accessible travel. After collecting dust on a shelf for nearly two years, I’ve cleaned it off and sat down to record some words. Better late than never, right?

Today, I am delighted to announce the launch of The Accessible Travel Talk Show — a new podcast which I hope will become a platform to engage disabled people and the travel industry in conversations around accessibility, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and open world.

Check out this short clip from the first episode:

I was joined by my friend Emma Muldoon on the podcast’s inaugural episode. She is the founder of the UK’s leading disability and travel blog, Simply Emma. We talked about accessibility at music concerts and festivals — a topic she is uniquely qualified to discuss, having attended nearly 100 gigs herself.

How to listen to the podcast

The Accessible Travel Talk Show can be streamed, downloaded and shared in a lot of different ways. Here’s how you can listen:

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Due to some technical difficulties, the podcast hasn’t been listed on Google Podcasts yet, but it should be soon.

To access the show notes and links to resources mentioned in the podcast, please visit The Accessible Travel Talk Show website at

Let’s connect

Please consider following the show on Twitter at @TravelTalkShows, and me at @WCTravelOrg.

I’d appreciate any feedback that you have for me, and ask that you share it in the comments below or via email at

New episodes will be released twice a month, and Episode 2 will be released in just a couple of weeks! I hope you’ll subscribe through your favorite podcast platform to receive all future episodes automatically.

Thank you for listening!

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