Oslo, Norway

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Rated the world’s 4th most expensive city, Oslo is also one of the most beautiful. Founded around 1000 A.D., the city shares a border with Sweden and is surrounded by the North and Norwegian Seas. It is now the economic and governmental capital of Norway.

Due to the city’s size and geographic location, it is a major center for the world’s maritime shipping and trade industries. The city has the fastest growing population in Europe, due in large part to immigration from both inside and outside of the country. A global city, Oslo was rated best in quality of living among major and large cities in Europe. The city is home to 634,000, with a metropolitan area population of more than 1.5 million.

Oslo is an attractive tourist destination primarily due to the natural beauty of Norway. The city sits around the Oslofjord and is a short distance from lush forests, mountains and breathtaking fjords. The world’s most beautiful train ride, as rated by Lonely Planet, departs from Oslo. The city is also a center of the history of the Vikings.

Despite a few challenges to accessibility, the city is very open to disabled tourists. Visitors with wheelchairs can experience nearly all of the city’s primary attractions and can travel to other parts of the country with little trouble. Accessibility is steadily improving in Oslo and a visit to the city would not be a waste or disappointing in the least.

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