“Do you have any data to support that claim?”

Travel industry executives are shocked when I say, “yes, I do — and a lot of it!”

Data drives decision-making in business, and I am constantly searching for and collecting data points to more accurately describe the experience of disabled travelers, whose perspectives are so often ignored by industry research.

In 2020, not long after the pandemic shut down the world, I published an important Accessible Travel Study that provided airlines, hotels and destinations with key insights about the disability travel market at a time of enormous change — it was the first survey of disabled travelers to quantify how COVID-19 would impact accessible travel demand.

With much of the world having moved on from the pandemic, and more people traveling than ever before, it is once again time to collect insights from the community of disabled travelers — people like you!

I invite and encourage you to complete the survey for the 2024 Accessible Travel Study — your collective responses will paint a picture of the state of accessible travel, helping me to become a better advocate for improved access and inclusion. Your responses could make the case for a wheelchair space on airplanes, hotel room beds that are accessible to wheelchair users, transportation systems that are designed for disabled passengers, and so much more!

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey questionnaire — your responses will be completely anonymous. If you are a parent, sibling, spouse, friend or caregiver to a disabled person, you can respond to the survey as well — but please invite that person to participate also… the “painting” our responses create will be more complete if large numbers of disabled people share their unique perspectives.

Thank you in advance for your participation — by lending just a few minutes of your time, you will make a difference in the mission to open the world to disabled people through accessible travel.

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