Episode 2: Circling the Globe in a Wheelchair with Blandine Even

The Accessible Travel Talk Show
The Accessible Travel Talk Show
Episode 2: Circling the Globe in a Wheelchair with Blandine Even

In this episode of The Accessible Travel Talk Show, John Morris talks with Blandine Even, Founder of the accessible travel blog, 1000 Discoveries on 4 Wheels. Blandine lives in Belgium and has traveled extensively with her wheelchair, including on an around-the-world itinerary that took her to Europe, Asia, Australia and South America in a single trip.

Accessible travel should be adventurous

After a year spent as an exchange student in the United States, Blandine decided that she wanted to travel more. Before starting an internship in Sydney, Australia, she took three months to explore Asia, visiting China, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam. Without a spirit of adventure and a willingness to face the unknown, she might never have made it to those destinations.

After exploring Australia during and after her internship, she traveled to South America, but stopping to visit destinations like New Caledonia, Tahiti and Eastern Island along the way.

Her trip concluded in Rio de Janeiro, a destination that she found to be really accessible.

In this episode, Blandine discusses the planning of her trip, the destinations she selected and her experiences in each. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from a real explorer!

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