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The Accessible Travel Talk Show
Episode 3: Exploring Egypt with Ryan Smith of Freewheel Weekends

In this episode of The Accessible Travel Talk Show, John Morris talks with Ryan Smith, a wheelchair travel vlogger, graphic designer and Founder of the accessible travel blog, Freewheel Weekends. Ryan lives in Melbourne, Australia and has traveled extensively with his wheelchair, including to Cairo and Luxor, Egypt.

Disabled travelers can still have a fantastic time exploring destinations that are not fully accessible

Egypt is not the most wheelchair-friendly country in the world – far from it, in fact. But some degree of accessibility does exist at iconic sites including the Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple. Ryan shares his experiences at those popular attractions, where the possibilities are much greater than you might expect.

Egypt has accessible transportation

Transportation for wheelchair users is a challenge even in some of the most accessible cities, but thanks to a fleet of London Cabs serving the major cities in Egypt, both manual and power wheelchair users will find that getting around is both easy and affordable.

The Egyptian people welcome visitors from around the world

Ryan’s taxi driver invited him over for dinner and to meet the family, and many others offered a hand to make his trip more accessible. Despite what you may read in the news, the Egyptian people are very welcoming and want everyone to enjoy a visit to their homeland, of which they are very proud.

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Show Notes

  • 06:30 For information on the accessible London cabs in Egypt, click here.
  • 09:20 To read about wheelchair access at St. Catherine's Monastery, click here.
  • 16:33 To view Ryan's video tour of the Karnak Temple, click here.
  • 17:35 To watch Ryan's video of the Luxor Temple, click here.
  • 17:40 To watch Ryan's video about wheelchair access to the Valley of the Kings, click here.
  • 25:00 To read about John's camel ride around the pyramids, click here.
  • 31:33 Ryan Smith's website is located at

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