Episode 4: Emergency Airplane Evacuations with Robin Wearley

The Accessible Travel Talk Show
The Accessible Travel Talk Show
Episode 4: Emergency Airplane Evacuations with Robin Wearley

In this episode of The Accessible Travel Talk Show, John Morris talks with Robin Wearley, a former flight attendant and Physician Assistant, who later worked in the pharmaceutical industry. She is the inventor if the ADAPTS Portable Transfer Sling, and lives in San Francisco, California.

A question about emergency airplane evacuations spawned an overnight invention

4 years ago, John reached out to his friend Robin to ask about a story I was writing on emergency airplane evacuations for wheelchair users. How do disabled people who cannot walk get off a burning airplane?

There was no good answer, and Robin saw that as a problem in dire need of a solution.

She got to work on creating that solution, a product she called ADAPTS, which is an acronym for A Disabled Passenger Transfer Sling. Check out this video to see it in action:

Listeners of this podcast can secure a 15% discount on the ADAPTS sling by entering the promo code WCT15 at checkout. To purchase your Disabled Passenger Transfer Sling, visit www.adapts.org.

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