Brussels Airport Accessibility

Brussels, Belgium Airport - Wheelchair AccessibilityBrussels Airport (BRU), located approximately 7 miles outside the city, is the center for commercial air travel in the Brussels metropolitan area. The airport served nearly 22 million passengers in 2014. It is split into two terminals – Piers A and B.

Pier A handles flights to/from other countries in Europe’s Schengen Area. Brussels Airlines also serves several non-Schengen destinations from Pier A, though this is conducted from the secure international gates T61-72. Pier B is home to the remainder of international, non-Schengen traffic. U.S. flag carriers American Airlines, Delta and United all operate from Pier B.

The airport is completely accessible to travelers with disabilities and wheelchair users. Personal wheelchairs can be taken through security, passport control and directly to the boarding gate. Likewise, personal wheelchairs stored in the cargo hold can be returned to the gate upon arrival at Brussels Airport.

More information on the accessibility accommodations and services available at the airport can be found at

Transportation to/from the Airport

Several wheelchair accessible transportation options are available to travel from the airport and into the city. The least expensive is the city bus Airport Lines 12 and 21. Both city bus lines terminate at the Luxembourg train station in the City of Brussels. This station is next to the European Parliament in the EU district of the city. Boarding takes place at Level 0 of the airport, on bus platform C. More information on the airport bus lines can be found at

Numerous rail options exist from the airport’s train station on Level -1. The Eurostar, Thalys, ICE and Belgian Railways trains all offer service from the airport to train stations in the city, or to international destinations.

A final option is a wheelchair accessible taxi. A taxi from Brussels Airport to Grand Place, for example, would carry a fare of approximately 30 to 50 Euros. Fares will of course vary based upon time of day and traffic.

Your Rights and Check-in

If you arrive to or depart from the Brussels airport on a direct flight to/from the United States or were a passenger on a U.S. carrier (American, Delta or United), you are protected under the Air Carrier Access Act! If things don’t go as they ought, you should file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

All passengers, especially travelers with disabilities, should arrive at the airport for check-in two hours prior to the departure of their flight. If you will require a loaner wheelchair to traverse the airport and terminal or need another type of disability assistance, contact your airline directly. For more information, or to read frequently asked questions about air travel with a mobility disability, consult my Wheelchair Users’ Guide to Air Travel.