John Morris is a 26-year-old frequent flyer, known for traveling the world with one hand, a passport and a power wheelchair. He is also the Founder of

welcome-hp-4John holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science and a Master's degree in History from Florida State University. After a serious car accident in 2012, he became a burn survivor and triple amputee. He re-entered the world as a disabled man after 39 surgeries and more than a year of extensive medical treatment. Today, John is a passionate advocate for disability rights and a leading authority on accessible travel. He has flown more than 400,000 miles with his disability, making him one of the world's most traveled wheelchair users.

John's breadth of experience in traveling with a disability has made him a regular contributor to online publications and a valuable resource to journalists. Press inquiries can be directed via e-mail to Please be sure to include your deadline when making a request.

Mentions & Interviews:

The following articles are ones that I have been mentioned in or contributed to in some way.

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Articles I've Written:

These are articles that I have written for other websites or publications.

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