“Roll-ability” of Sidewalks

A cobblestone sidewalk in BrusselsBrussels is a city that has held on tightly to its history. Cobblestone sidewalks and streets are historical features that remain entrenched in the city’s landscape. Prepare for a bumpy roll.

The worst sidewalk pavements exist around sights in the center of the city, such as the Grand Place and Manneken Pis. As a general rule, the older a cobblestone pathway it is, the more jarring the ride will be for the wheelchair user. Although the roll may not be comfortable, most sidewalks do have lowered curbs or cuts at crossings and intersections.

Brussels is not a flat city. Many of the popular sights are located at some point along a steep rise whose bottom is at the Grand Place. Up the hill, tourists will find sights including the Mont des Arts, Place Royale, the Royal Museums, and the European Parliament. Pay close attention to electric wheelchair batteries when navigating these areas. When possible, utilize public transportation. City buses are very easy to use and require little planning.