Cairo Wheelchair Taxis

This content has been copied from my blog post, London Cab Egypt Makes Cairo Wheelchair Accessible. This is the only wheelchair taxi service operating in Cairo, Egypt.

When I began planning my wheelchair accessible vacation to Cairo, Egypt, my primary concern was transportation. I reached out to several of the local tour providers which advertise wheelchair accessible packages, but none of them responded. Thankfully, I discovered a much better alternative – London Cab Egypt, who operate wheelchair taxis in Cairo, Egypt.

A Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Cairo, Egypt

London Cab Egypt, a division of the Sixt Rent a Car company, offers a stylish transportation service in Cairo and other Egyptian cities, which contains a fleet of the TX4 black cabs you’d normally find in London, England. What’s unique about TX4 black cabs is that every one is outfitted with a wheelchair access ramp. Yes, you heard that right – every one!

London Cab with wheelchair ramp extended in front of the Pyramids of Giza
London Cab with wheelchair ramp extended in front of the Pyramids of Giza.

The ramp folds out from the right rear door and can be a bit steep if the cab is not parked alongside a curb. London Cab Egypt outfits their vehicles with a ramp extension, seen in the photo above, to reduce the incline. My power wheelchair never had any issues in going up or down the ramp, but it did take a little finesse. If you’re not super-skilled at controlling your power chair, the driver will be able to push you up the slope and into the taxi.

While the TX4 does have a higher roof than a typical taxi, power wheelchair users will probably need to bend their neck a bit to fit inside. For users of manual wheelchairs, which sit lower to the ground, this will not be a problem.

Interior of the wheelchair accessible TX4 London Black Cab.
Interior of the wheelchair accessible TX4 London Black Cab.

If you are able to transfer out of your wheelchair and into the back seat of the cab, I recommend you do so. This might be more comfortable than sitting sideways in your wheelchair and you’ll have a much better view of Egypt through the large windows of the taxi. It was for me, at least!

While the TX4 isn’t the perfect design for a wheelchair taxi, it offers a simple solution to the problem of accessible transportation and is capable of opening up cities – from London to Beijing and now Cairo, Egypt!

Reservations, Booking & Cost

London Cab Egypt has a modern website that accepts bookings and enquiries, at There is also a mobile app and a 24/7 call center ready to accept reservations.

With a large fleet and a team of English-speaking drivers, London Cab Egypt requires only one hour’s notice to arrange your ride. While the cost is a bit higher than a typical taxi in Cairo, the higher level of service, vehicle quality and wheelchair accessibility make the fares a bargain.

The cost of my round-trip transfer between Cairo International Airport and the Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa (about an hour’s drive each way) was 500 EGP, or about $28 USD.

Even greater value existed in the day tours, where you book a ride for 4, 6 or 8 hours. The cost of these tours was 338, 560 and 671 EGP, respectively .hat means you can have a wheelchair accessible taxi and driver all day (8 hours) for only $37 USD. In the United States, $37 won’t even get you 10 miles in a taxi. In Egypt, I criss-crossed Cairo, toured the pyramids, visited museums and ate at local restaurants – all without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

If a TX4 London Cab will meet your wheelchair accessibility needs, I encourage you to take control of your vacation and book transportation with London Cab Egypt. My driver, Ahmed, did a FANTASTIC job and shared local insights to make my time in Egypt enjoyable. I can’t recommend London Cab Egypt enough, and I look forward to my next visit to the land of pharaohs and pyramids!