Cape Town Wheelchair Taxis

Public transportation will only get you so far in Cape Town. Some of the best attractions and sights are not accessible via the city’s transport system, and you’ll need to hire a wheelchair taxi.

Two wheelchair transportation services presently operate in Cape Town. One is a typical taxi company that offers wheelchair access using London-style cabs. Another is provided by a tour company using lift-equipped that provide more room and greater comfort. Although I have only used the latter, I have provided contact information for both companies below.

Rikkis Taxi

London Cabs provide wheelchair taxi service throughout Cape Town, South Africa.

Phone:  +27 (21) 0861-745547

Travel with Rene

Lift-equipped vans like the one pictured below provide wheelchair accessible transportation in Cape Town and beyond.

Taxi van with wheelchair lift in Cape Town, South Africa.
Taxi van with wheelchair lift in Cape Town, South Africa.

Because Travel with Rene is a service aimed at tourists and vacations, rates are higher than that of a typical taxi, but include a specially adapted van with a wheelchair lift, floor-mounted restraints and a body belt to ensure passenger safety. Some sample pricing is provided below:

Transfer between CPT Airport & Hotel (One-way) – 700 ZAR
Half-day tour (5 hours/100km max) – 1,800 ZAR
Half-day tour (5 hours/100km max) with tour guide – 2,850 ZAR
Full-day tour (8 hours/200km max) – 2,800 ZAR
Half-day tour (8 hours/200km max) with tour guide – 4,200 ZAR

For more information, contact Travel with Rene:

Phone:  +27 82 770 9430