Wheelchair Taxis in Dubai

Private, wheelchair accessible ground transportation (for power wheelchair users and those needing to remain seated in their chair) does exist in Dubai. I waited to share the information on wheelchair accessible taxis in Dubai, because my experience is limited to only one trip. Public transportation got me just about everywhere I wanted to go, and there was simply no need for me to reserve taxis.

Given my limited experience, I cannot comment on the wait times, nor can I make judgments about the overall service quality. While my driver was courteous and spoke English, that is only one test case, and not sufficient to make an honest judgment. I do want to share with you what I know about reserving these taxis.

Reservations can be made by phone, or through your hotel’s concierge:

Dubai Taxi Corporation
+971 (4) 208 0808

Fares are based upon the following rate table, which is specific to the adapted taxis:

Starting Fare (6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Dubai) – 6 AED
Starting Fare (10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in Dubai) – 7 AED
Starting Fare (from Dubai International Airport) – 25 AED
Per kilometer – 1.75 AED
Minimum total fare – 10 AED

The adapted taxis are vans, with electric wheelchair lifts (rear entry). Securements straps are available in the back, and tie wheelchairs down to the floor. A seatbelt was also made available to me.

Taxis can be reserved in advance, or requested on demand with a phone call. Travelers needing an accessible taxi at the airport can speak to a taxi attendant. Wait times will vary, and I cannot estimate an “average” time due to my limited experience.

If you have traveled to Dubai and used the accessible cabs, please share your experience in the comments below.