Hong Kong Wheelchair Taxis

Wheelchair accessible taxis in Hong Kong, China.

A limited number of accessible wheelchair taxis with wheelchair ramps are available in Hong Kong. For travelers with folding wheelchairs who can transfer into/out of a regular taxi, nearly all Hong Kong taxi cabs will be an option. For those with power wheelchairs and/or those who need to travel while seated in their own wheelchair, a wheelchair taxi will be necessary.

Reserving an accessible taxi in advance is critical, and it is recommended to do this at least 24 hours before your trip. It will be best to have your hotel concierge or travel agent arrange these bookings, as the language barrier can be an issue at times. The contact information for the accessible taxi company in Hong Kong is provided below:

Diamond Cab
+852 2760-8771 — 24-hour dispatch

You will receive a quote from Diamond Cab at the time of booking, but the following fees can serve as a guide:

One-way point-to-point trip — Minimum $115 HKD (~$15 USD)
Hourly rental (1 hour minimum) — $300 HKD (~$38 USD)
Airport pick-up — Minimum $550 HKD (~$70 USD)

A new company, SynCab, is now also offering wheelchair accessible transport with what they call the Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT). The MPT is designed just like the Diamond Cab, with a wheelchair ramp at the rear of the vehicle. Contact information is provided below:

SynCab Hong Kong
+852 3700 6400
Also bookable via mobile app