What is the best travel insurance for wheelchair users? Do any plans cover pre-existing conditions?

Issues often arise that can disrupt or cancel our travel plans. Airlines, hotels and rental car companies are rarely forgiving, even when we have good reason to alter the dates of our travel. Family emergencies and illness are among these reasons, and travel providers routinely shrug and offer a meaningless “I’m sorry.” Flight delays and lost or damaged bags (wheelchairs included!) also have the power to inconvenience us and lead to unexpected expenses.

If you’re like me, taking a trip or vacation is an expensive ordeal. Some of us save up all year for that vacation. There is a way that I protect myself against the unexpected – with travel insurance.

Allianz Global Assistance is a leading travel insurance provider. It offers coverage for just about everything, including:

  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Baggage Loss, Delay and Damage
  • Travel Delays and Missed Flight Connections
  • Change Fee Reimbursement
  • Redeposit Frequent Flyer Miles Fee Reimbursement

But the BIG benefit to Allianz Global Assistance is that pre-existing medical conditions are COVERED, providing you are medically able to travel and haven’t had a change in your health status in the 120 days prior to purchasing your plan. If you’re a wheelchair user that is fit to travel, it is likely you’ll meet all of the conditions and you’ll be covered against any unexpected health issues.

Allianz coverage offers total trip protection, from the moment your plan starts. Emergencies involving you and your family are covered, whether they happen before or during travel.

You’ll also have access to a 24-hour hotline to receive assistance at any time before, during or after your journey, regardless of when the issue arises or what time zone you’re in!

Don’t take chances with your health, safety or comfort – protect yourself against the unexpected and purchase a travel insurance package. Remember to do so within 14 days of making your non-refundable travel bookings.


My Covered Travel Insurance Claims

I’ve been protected by travel insurance on three occasions, in fact. All three were issues that occurred during the course of travel.

  1. February 2014: I became ill during a layover and had to seek medical attention. My travel insurance covered the cost of the medical visit, and the costs of resuming my travel.
  2. September 2014: Also during a layover, my cellular phone was stolen (and later recovered) at the airport. My insurance covered the cost of changing my connecting flight to the next day, so that I could visit the cellular phone store and purchase a new device.
  3. December 2015: When I arrived on a flight to Munich, Germany, my bags were delayed. I didn’t receive them for two days, and had to purchase clothing and toiletries – these costs were later reimbursed by my travel insurance.

As a wheelchair user and disabled traveler, my travel insurance plan sets me at ease. I know I’ll be protected from both minor inconveniences (like a stolen cell phone) and from more serious problems (like those requiring medical treatment). Travel insurance can help you avoid unnecessary worries and enjoy your vacation.

Purchase Travel Insurance

I strongly recommend Allianz Global Assistance for your travel insurance needs. In full disclosure, I have established an affiliate relationship with Allianz that pays me a small commission on sales generated from the links clicked on my blog. These commissions help pay for the costs of maintaining this website and keeping it online for your benefit. The full terms and conditions governing Allianz travel insurance plans can be found on their website.

If you’d like to protect your trip with Allianz Insurance, CLICK HERE.

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