Las Vegas Sidewalk Accessibility

'Roll-ability' of Las Vegas Sidewalks & StreetsSidewalks along the Las Vegas Strip and in other highly touristed areas are wide, well cared for and extremely wheelchair friendly.  Curb cuts are available at all intersections. Visual and audio alerts are provided at crosswalks.

Ground level crosswalks are not available at all intersections along the Las Vegas Boulevard strip. Elevated walkways are provided at street intersections where architecture or the design of traffic flow prohibits a ground level crosswalk. These elevated walkways are built to cross Las Vegas Boulevard or the intersecting streets at many different location. All of these walkways are equipped with elevators and are entirely wheelchair accessible. These elevators are most often located next to or behind the stairs/escalators.

Sidewalks in less trafficked areas of the city are often in a lesser state of repair, with numerous cracks, less frequent street crossing opportunities and a reduced, though still passable width.