Luxembourg Public Transportation

Wheelchair accessible public transportation in Luxembourg City.

The public transportation system in Luxembourg City consists of buses, a tramway, a funicular and regional/commuter trains. Wheelchair accessibility across the transport network is excellent, and it is easy and cost-effective to get around. During my time in Luxembourg City, I rode public transit exclusively and had no issues with wheelchair access. Use this guide as a resource to plan your accessible journeys on public transport in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City Bus

The Luxembourg City public bus network consists of 31 bus routes traveling throughout the city, and to destinations outside of the city center, including the Luxembourg Airport.

City bus at Luxembourg Airport.
City bus at Luxembourg Airport.

City buses have a wheelchair ramp at the center or rear door, which is extended by the driver. The buses have a dedicated wheelchair space onboard.

The best way to plan your Luxembourg City bus journey is via the Google Maps app, which is updated with the latest routes and timetables.

Luxembourg Tram

Opened in 2017, the Luxembourg Tram network is the newest mode of public transport in Luxembourg City. The tram line is being opened in phases, with two of the four planned phases currently operational.

Luxembourg tram arriving at open-air station stop.
Luxembourg tram arriving at open-air station stop.

The current route extends from Avenue John F. Kennedy, through the European district, across the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, and to Place de l’Étoile in the Limpertsberg quarter, just outside of downtown.

Phase 3, scheduled to open in 2020, will extend the route through the downtown historic quarter, across the Adolphe Bridge and to the Luxembourg Railway Station. Phase 4, due to open in 2021, will see the tram extend all the way to Luxembourg Airport.

The modern, low-floor trams align perfectly with the station platforms, providing level, barrier-free boarding to wheelchair users. A dedicated wheelchair space is provided in each tram car, and riding the trams is a dream. This is the type of accessibility that other cities in Europe and elsewhere should emulate.

Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg Funicular

The Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg Funicular is an automated funicular that was opened in 2017, in conjunction with phase two of the tram. The funicular connects Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg railway station with the Kirchberg, Rout Bréck – Pafendall tram station. The funicular’s lower station is within walking distance of the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, and is especially useful in connecting tourists from there to the European Quarter in Kirchberg.

The funicular offers barrier-free entry to wheelchair users, and each funicular car has dedicated spaces for wheelchairs, as well as fold-down seats for those who cannot stand during the trip. The funicular experiences high demand during the morning and evening commutes, and is often standing room only.

Fares & Payment

Beginning in March 2020, fare collection on Luxembourg’s public transportation system will be suspended, making it free for everyone.

Until that time, tickets and passes can be loaded on the mKaart, a reloadable fare card. Single-journey tickets can be purchased at authorized locations, including at an automated kiosk alongside the Luxembourg Airport bus stop. Smartphone users can download the m-Ticket app on Google Play and the App Store, where payments are collected via PayPal.

Current fares are as follows:

  • 2-hour ticket/pass — € 2
  • Day pass — € 4

Fares are valid on the entire Luxembourgish public transportation network.

Tourists who purchase the Luxembourg Card receive free rides on public transport, in addition free or discounted access to museums and attractions. The tourist card can be purchased online and via the Smartphone app in advance of your trip.