Madrid is the capital city of the Kingdom of Spain and one of Europe’s most wheelchair accessible cities. As the third largest city in the European Union, it took multiple trips to assemble this guide – and yet, there is still so much to explore!

Wheelchair accessible Madrid quickly became one of my favorite vacation destinations because of its picturesque beauty and vibrant culture. You’ll find Spaniards to be welcoming, accommodating and happy to have you as a tourist in their country. The historic sites, museums, art galleries and cuisine will have you wanting to come back for more. Use this Madrid accessibility guide to plan your wheelchair accessible vacation!

Guide Contents

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Airport Accessibility

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is modern and wheelchair accessible, but gate-checked wheelchairs may cause problems.

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Attractions & Sights

There are many wheelchair accessible things to do in Madrid, from the Royal Palace to the Prado Museum.

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Hotels & Accommodations

Many hotels in Madrid offer handicap accessible guest rooms with roll-in showers.

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Public Transportation

Although Madrid’s metro system is not fully accessible, it’s still easy to get around the city.

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“Roll-ability” of City Sidewalks

Rolling around Madrid will be easy with these wheelchair accessible tips.

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Visa Requirements & Safety

Madrid is part of the European Schengen Area, and it’s a pretty safe city.

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