Oslo Airport Accessibility

The primary airport for international traffic in Oslo is the Oslo Gardermoen International Airport (OSL). The airport is friendly to the disabled and persons using wheelchairs.

Oslo Gardermoen is among the best airports in Europe for the care shown to disabled travelers. Inbound passengers with gate checked wheelchairs in the cargo won’t have to “fight” to have their wheelchair delivered to the gate. This is true whether the wheelchair is manual or powered.

Check-in processes are unique to each airline, but the general culture of airport and airline staff is very accommodating. Travelers with wheelchairs will be permitted to take them through security and to the gate and aircraft door. The airport is well configured for disabled travelers, with accessible restroom facilities throughout the terminal. For more information about the Oslo Gardermoen Airport, visit avinor.no.

All passengers, especially disabled travelers, should arrive at the airport for check-in two hours prior to the departure of their flight. If you will require a loaner wheelchair to traverse the airport and terminal or need another type of disability assistance, contact your airline directly. For more information, or to read frequently asked questions about air travel with a mobility disability, consult the Wheelchair Users’ Guide to Air Travel.