Wheelchair Taxis in Paris

Paris Wheelchair Accessible Horizon Taxi Cab - Photo by John MorrisParis has a large fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis that can generally be ordered on demand. These taxi cabs are equipped with rear-entry ramps that can be folded out and allow a wheelchair to easily roll in and out of the vehicle. This allows the passenger to remain seated in their wheelchair for the entire journey.

Each Paris wheelchair taxi has a securement space and safety tie-downs/straps to accommodate one manual or powered wheelchair.

Only one of the city’s licensed taxi companies maintains a fleet of accessible cabs, Taxis G7. G7 is the largest of the Paris cab companies. These specialized “Horizon Taxis” can be ordered on demand throughout the day and into the evening hours. For critical trips to the airport or train station, it is recommended to make a reservation 12 to 24 hours in advance. The contact information for G7 is listed below:

Taxis G7 – Horizon
Phone:  +33 (0)1 41  27 66 99

G7 operates 120 cabs with wheelchair ramps, and another 700 wagon-type vehicles which allow for easy transfers from manual or collapsible wheelchairs. All accessible cabs are black or grey Volkswagen or Mercedes vehicles — classy and discrete. English-speaking drivers may be requested.

City-approved meter rates are set on a dynamic scale based upon time of pick-up, area of pick-up, distance traveled and time spent waiting or at low speeds. A complete fare chart is available on the G7 website. Through my more than 10 tests of the taxi system at varying times, the standard start fare was € 9,40. The rates of the three tariffs are listed below:

Tariff Schedule A
Per kilometer – € 1,05
Per hour – € 32,05

Tariff Schedule B
Per kilometer – € 1,27
Per hour – € 38,00

Tariff Schedule C
Per kilometer – € 1,56
Per hour – € 35,70

If you traveled to Paris and have used a wheelchair accessible transport service, please share your experience with us and our readers in the comments section below.