ADA compliant wheelchair accessible taxi vans with rear entry wheelchair ramps are available within the Philadelphia metropolitan area and are charged at the same meter rates as a normal taxi. Rideshare services Uber and Lyft also offer wheelchair accessible vans through their UberWAV and Lyft Access platforms.

Wheelchair taxis in Philadelphia.

Traditional Wheelchair Taxis

Wheelchair taxis can be ordered on demand within the city and at Philadelphia International Airport, but wait times can exceed 30 minutes. The following companies offer adapted wheelchair taxis and are authorized to make pick-ups within the City of Philadelphia:

+1 (215) 438-2222

Victory Cab Co.
+1 (215) 225-5000

The following meter rates apply are approved by the Philadelphia Parking Authority and apply to both standard taxi cabs and wheelchair taxis provided by the traditional cab companies:

  • Flag Drop + First 1/10 mile — $2.70
  • Each additional 1/10 mile — $0.25
  • Each 37.6 seconds of wait time — $0.25

The following flat rate charges apply to taxi rides between the airport and Center City.

  • TO Airport FROM Center City Zone — $28.50 flat rate regardless of the number of passengers.
  • TO Center City Zone FROM Airport — $28.50 flat rate for one passenger, plus $1.00 for each additional passenger.

Requesting a wheelchair taxi ride an hour or more in advance of your trip will increase the likelihood of an on-time pick-up. For late-night or early-morning trips, requests should be made much earlier (12-24 hours).

UberWAV in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of a small number of cities where Uber offers a wheelchair accessible service to people with disabilities. I first tested UberWAV in Washington, D.C., and my experience in Philadelphia was similar. Wait times generally ranged from 10 to 30 minutes, with a very limited number of UberWAV vehicles on the road at any given time.

The lower costs associated with Uber make the platform attractive to residents and tourists alike. UberWAV vehicles in Philadelphia were Dodge Grand Caravans with a rear-entry wheelchair ramp. I found the UberWAV drivers to be knowledgeable in securing my wheelchair with tie-downs in the vehicle, and each driver treated me with respect.

If you are interested in testing out UberWAV for yourself, download the iOS or Android App to your phone. By using my promo code JOHNM82489UE during sign-up, you’ll receive your first ride free (up to a certain amount). I will receive a $5 credit for referring you. You don’t have to use my code, but I will appreciate it if you do!

Wheelchair Accessible Lyft in Philadelphia

Just like Uber, Lyft also offers accessible rides in Philadelphia using Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles with a rear-entry wheelchair ramp.

Wheelchair accessible Lyft taxi van in Philadelphia.
Wheelchair accessible Lyft taxi van in Philadelphia.

While I only used Lyft once, the driver told me about the training program that all Lyft Access drivers are required too participate in. This training teaches drivers how to ensure passenger safety by properly securing wheelchairs using the van’s built-in restraint system. Shohrun, my driver, was kind and courteous throughout the short journey.

To request an accessible vehicle, select the “Lyft Access” option from the menu. The Lyft application was extremely easy to use and I was able to request my ride in a matter of seconds.

If you are interested in trying Lyft Access, download the iOS or Android App to your phone. Use my promo code JOHN96055 during sign-up and you’ll receive a discount on your first ride (amount varies by location). I will receive a $10 credit for referring you. You don’t have to use my code, but I will appreciate it if you do!

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