Wheelchair Taxis in Pittsburgh

Wheelchair taxis in Pittsburgh.

ADA compliant wheelchair accessible taxi vans with rear entry wheelchair ramps are available within the City of Pittsburgh and are charged at the same meter rates as a normal taxi.

Traditional Wheelchair Taxis

Wheelchair taxis can be ordered on demand within the city and at Pittsburgh International Airport, but wait times can be long. The following companies offer adapted wheelchair taxis and are authorized to make pick-ups within the City of Pittsburgh:

+1 (412) 481-8387

Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh (zTrip)
+1 (412) 777-7777

The following meter rates apply are approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and apply to both standard taxi cabs and wheelchair taxis provided by the traditional cab companies:

  • Flag Drop + First 1/7 mile — $2.25
  • Each additional mile — $1.75
  • Waiting time (per minute) — $0.25

Requesting a wheelchair taxi ride an hour or more in advance of your trip will increase the likelihood of an on-time pick-up. For late-night or early-morning trips, requests should be made much earlier (12-24 hours).

Rideshare Services

Numerous rideshare services operate within the City of Pittsburgh, including Uber and Lyft. Unfortunately, none offer wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you live in or visit Pittsburgh, I encourage you to write members of the city council and the mayor, encouraging them to make on-demand transportation affordable and accessible to all.