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My Favorite Blogs

There are a lot of destinations in the world, and I routinely find inspiration and useful information from travel blogs online. Below, you'll find some of my favorite travel blogs, plus a few more. I've placed an asterisk next to the sites with a focus on disability and accessible travel.

My Favorite Travel Blogs

The Bimblers Blog

The Bimblers *

Bridget and Rob - "The Bimblers" - tour Europe with a wheelchair and write about their experiences for the benefit of others. I'm confident you'll fall in love with this couple, just as I have.
Everything Everywhere Blog

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt sold his house and embarked on an adventure that has taken him to more than 180 countries. He was twice named Travel Photographer of the Year.
Expert Vagabond Blog

Expert Vagabond

Matt Karsten is the quintessential vagabond. For years, he has traveled the globe seeking adventure and opportunities to capture the perfect photo and story.
Incredible Accessible Blog

Incredible Accessible *

Jeanne Allen has experienced a journey both in health and in her pursuit of travel. Multiple Sclerosis has made her a user of a cane, walker, scooter and, most recently, a power wheelchair. But she has continued to adapt and seek out the incredible and accessible places in the world.
Renes Points Blog

Rene's Points

René is your source for information on Delta Air Lines and its frequent flyer program. His blog also offers a litany of reviews and information to maximize your travel budget.
Simply Emma Blog

Simply Emma *

Emma lives in Scotland and blogs about traveling with a wheelchair. She writes about accessibility in great detail and makes me jealous with all of her music concert going!
TravelZork Blog


My good friend Michael Trager founded TravelZork to share his knowledge of the casino gaming industry. He's the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

More Travel & Disability Blogs

— A —

AbleThrive - Content curated from the internet's best disability websites. *
Amateur Traveler - Podcast & blog on worldwide travel for over 10 years.
Anything Is Possible Travel - Blog of a traveler, photographer, writer, and mother. *

— D —

Disability Visibility Project - Campaign to document stories of people with disabilities. *
Divergent Travelers - Adventure travel through photos, videos and stories.
Drifter Planet - Hippie blogger couple offer travel, fun and madness.

— G —

Global Gal - American expat teaching English and living in Vietnam.

— M —

Mobility Advisor - Educational resource about wheelchairs, scooters & more. *
Moments of Yugen - Multi-national couple touring Europe and Asia.

— P —

Phoenix Society Blog - Support and information to aid burn survivors and families. *
The Planet D - Web's most popular, general travel blog.

— S —

SPINALpedia Blog - Highlights knowledge & triumphs of SCI survivors. *

— T — - Web source for travel access information. *

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