What’s inside the bag of a wheelchair travel blogger? Each item that I carry in my travel bag has a purpose, and the products listed here are ones that I couldn’t live without while exploring the world in a wheelchair.

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 in case.

AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro are my everyday headphones, easy to use and they pair perfectly with my smartphone and laptop. Their portability makes them an accessory I just can’t live without and, if they’re not in my ears, they’re in my jeans pocket!

Duffle bag

Briggs & Riley Duffel Bag

I’ve found that duffel bags are the easiest type of luggage to carry if you are a power wheelchair user – just sling the shoulder strap over the seatback and roll away on your wheelchair travel adventure! My Briggs & Riley Nylon duffel works as a carry-on or checked bag and is protected with a lifetime warranty — the manufacturer will repair ANY damage to the bag.

GoPro Hero 11 Black camera

GoPro Camera

My GoPro Hero 11 Black camera captures amazing photo and video, and is incredibly easy to use. There is no better way to capture video while traveling, with built-in tools to aid creators of all skill levels and abilities.

All in one plug adapter

International Power Plug Adapter

If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need to purchase an adapter for your electronics. The plug adapter is not to be confused with the power transformer, which you’ll also need to safely charge a power wheelchair.

Line-up of Amazon Kindle models.

Amazon Kindle e-Reader

Amazon’s Kindle has changed the way I read books. The Kindle makes reading so much easier, faster and more accessible. My favorite model is the Paperwhite, but there are many different models and sizes to choose from

4 Apple AirTags.

Apple AirTags

Attach an Apple AirTag to your checked luggage, wheelchair, backpack, or anything else that’s important to you — it comes in handy when tracking down lost or misplaced items, and you can set an alert to remind you when something has been left behind.

Electric power transformer.

Power Transformer

If you’re traveling abroad with a power wheelchair or scooter, you may need to buy a step-up/step-down power transformer, which safely converts the voltage from 220V to 110V, or vice-versa. Without a transformer, you may short out your wheelchair’s charging device.

Travel set of toiletries.

C.O. Bigelow Lavender Peppermint Travel Kit

At home, my preferred soap and shampoo is Asprey London, but when I’m traveling I use C.O. Bigelow products — their hand & body lotion is fantastic and I love the aroma. This travel kit comes with a toiletry bag that can be stuffed in your carry-on or tucked into your checked luggage.

Portable power bank

Anker Portable Power Bank

My smartphone is the most important tool I use when exploring a new city. It gives me directions, access to information on WheelchairTravel.org and a helpline should I get into a bind. I make sure it stays fully charged at all times with a portable power bank from Anker, which has both USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

Gray sleep mask.

Manta Sleep Mask

The only place I wear an eye mask is on the airplane — I sleep best in complete darkness, and while some airlines provide free eye masks, they’re never any good. I love my Manta mask because it is super adjustable and there is no flap that will cover my nose. If you want to get better sleep on the plane, whether you’re seated in first class or coach, this is my go to.

Black backpack.

OGIO Travel Backpack

I travel with two backpacks and a duffel bag. Neither of my backpacks are made anymore (they’ve really held up!), my most affordable pack is made by OGIO, and this model is basically equivalent — give it a look! I hang my bags from hooks on the back of my power wheelchair.

Bluetooth dongle with headphone jack.

AirFly Pro Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Airlines have invested in amazing inflight entertainment libraries with some of the latest movies, but you don’t want to listen to the audio on throwaway headphones. The AirFly makes it possible to connect your AirPods or other wireless headphones to the entertainment system at your seat. It makes a HUGE difference!

Brown leather passport holder

Passport Holder

Protect your passport from damage with this stylish brown leather passport holder that includes slots for credit cards, ID cards, and cash — you’ll be much less likely to lose these critically important items when you store them together.

Gray neck pillow

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

With this memory foam neck pillow, you’ll get better rest whether you’re traveling in a plane, train, bus or automobile! The memory foam adjusts to fit you and the pillow firs into a carry bag when not in use — all for less than 20 bucks, a much better deal than a standard neck pillow that you’ll pay $50 for at the airport.

Package of disposable urinals.

TravelJohn Disposable Urinal

It may not always be possible to use the airplane lavatory, but keeping a TravelJohn disposable urinal in my bag has saved me from disaster numerous times. This leak-proof urinal instantly turns liquids to gel, ensuring that you won’t make a mess after you go. It’s truly a lifesaver, and I don’t fly without a few tucked in my carry-on.