Wheelchair Taxis in Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established a call taxi service for persons with disabilities and those who must travel while seated in a wheelchair. The wheelchair accessible taxis are equipped with wheelchair ramps and securement straps/tie downs. Foreign visitors to Seoul are eligible to utilize this call taxi service if they are in a wheelchair.

Due to the fact that Seoul-Incheon International Airport is not within the city limits of Seoul, these taxis are not able to make pick-ups at the ICN airport; only drop-offs. For travelers with folding wheelchairs who can transfer into/out of a regular taxi, nearly all Seoul taxi cabs will be an option.

It will be best to have your hotel concierge or travel agent arrange bookings for the wheelchair accessible taxi vans in Seoul, as the language barrier can be an issue at times. The contact information for the accessible taxi service is provided below:

Seoul Wheelchair Taxi
+82 2-1588-4388 — 24-hour dispatch

Wheelchair accessible taxi rides are charged at the following metered rates:

Up to 5 kilometers (minimum for all trips) — 1,500 KRW
Kilometers 5 through 10 — 300 KRW per kilometer
Kilometers over 10 — 35 KRW per kilometer