Wheelchair Taxis in Shanghai

Shanghai Wheelchair TaxiApproximately 50 accessible wheelchair taxis with wheelchair ramps are available in Shanghai. For travelers with folding wheelchairs who can transfer into/out of a regular taxi, nearly all Shanghai taxi cabs will be an option. For those with power wheelchairs and/or those who need to travel in the comfort of their wheelchair, the taxis which are available can be ordered on demand, but should be reserved in advance. It will be best to have your hotel concierge or travel agent arrange these bookings, as the language barrier can be an issue at times.

The taxis are of typical London style, which means those with heavy duty power wheelchairs will find the taxi to be a very tight squeeze.

You will receive a quote from the taxi company at the time of booking, but I experienced the following with regard to their fee structure:

  • Airport (PVG) to People’s Square, 45 km (27 miles) at 300 RMB or $45 USD
  • Roughly 10km (6 miles) journey within Shanghai at 70 RMB or $11 USD