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I am pleased to welcome accessible hotel booking platform accessibleGO as’s newest sponsor — in the months ahead, you’ll see the company’s advertisements featured on this website and in the monthly email newsletter.

Woman standing next to and embracing her mother, who is seated in a power wheelchair.

Founded by Miriam Eljas Goldman, accessibleGO aims to set a new standard in travel accessibility by building a community around the needs of disabled travelers. The company’s mission is a personal one for Miriam, whose mother had Multiple Sclerosis and used a wheelchair to get around. Their challenging travel experiences and the difficulty in finding truly accessible accommodation inspired Miriam to build a solution — the result of which is accessibleGO, a company that now offers a travel booking platform, a vibrant community, and inspiring content designed to serve the disability community.

We can all agree that one of the biggest challenges in planning an accessible trip is finding hotel accommodation that will meet our individual accessibility needs. accessibleGO presents a solution to that problem with a personalized service that doesn’t reduce you to a confirmation number or an invoice. In my conversations with Miriam, she says that “you can actually count us to care about you, and champion for you, throughout your entire travel experience.” That’s refreshing!

accessibleGO shared the three main elements of its innovative service for disabled travelers:

  1. We’ve got your back. We stick with our customers way beyond when they click “book.”  We are invested in their experience and helping them get what they need to have a good and fulfilling trip. We will always be transparent and straightforward, and go the extra mile. We get it and we’ll do whatever it takes to put your needs first. 
  2. Ease. Booking hotel rooms when you have accessible needs can be tough, and we’re here to make it easy for you. We want this to be reflected across both our site and our service. We get to know you, we stick up for you, and we follow up – with the hotel, with you about your experience. 
  3. Community. We have a very active community of travelers with disabilities who connect in our forum to share resources, tips and even take trips together.

I am grateful for accessibleGO’s sponsorship of — our shared vision for connecting disabled people with accessible travel experiences and opportunities is an important one, and together we can work to Open Your World.

To learn more about how accessibleGO can help you find, book and confirm an accessible hotel room that will meet your needs, check out the accessibleGO website.

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