We all want the very best travel experiences.

So how do you get them?

Most of it comes down to how well informed you are when planning your trips.

Why an Accessible Travel Forum

That’s why we built the Accessible Travel Forum on accessibleGO.com.

  • Travelers with disabilities can give and get one-on-one tips
  • They can exchange travel ideas
  • And most of all, just have fun talking about travel with likeminded people!

Here’s a great question about airlines in our newly launched forum:

Screenshot of accessibleGO Travel Forum post.
“What are the best airlines for travel. Manual wheelchair, and need aisle chair for getting on and off plane.”

Travel is More Fun Together

Sure, the forum is great for those deal breaker technical questions, like a tour company refusing to let you bring a mobility scooter…

Screenshot of accessibleGO Travel Forum post.
“Has anyone had a problem with a group tour company refusing to let you bring a scooter with you? I have a lightweight foldable scooter that I need to take, but the travel company I wanted to book with said they would not allow any motorized aids. Only fold up walkers were allowed.”

But sharing fun ideas and experiences is just as important!

For example, one traveler named Hilton, introduced a GPS/Smartphone travel game called Munzee (similar to Geocaching):

Screenshot of accessibleGO Travel Forum post.
“We play a game called Munzee. You go around the country capturing QR codes. Here in Texas, Florida and California they have what’s called historical munzees. Those are our favorite type to capture. They teach you a history lesson with each capture. We have over 1,500 historical captures. It’s a fun little game that I am still able to play. We used to geocache but it’s too hard for me to walk the trails anymore.”

Everyone Wants to Help Each Other

When you’ve spent years “learning the hard way,” the most rewarding thing you can do is share what you’ve learned with others.

accessibleGO’s community has both seasoned globetrotters and those traveling for the first time with a new disability.

Screenshot of accessibleGO Travel Forum post.
“I’m interested in knowing which lines/ship staff bend over backward for disabled, especially those of us with invisible limitations. Are there any?”

One accessibleGO member who replied to that post (and has M.S.) has been on over 30 cruises!

Why Not a Facebook Group?

Well, we did consider creating a Facebook group for the community.

The thing is, Facebook groups do not offer a way to organize topics very well.

What you get on Facebook is one endless chronological stream of posts. It’s great for the personal news feed. But we want to collect useful conversations about specific travel topics that are easy to find now or in the future.

Every topic in the accessibleGO travel forum sits in a relevant category, such as “Cruises” or “Hotels” or “Families with ASD.” That gives each conversation a lasting place where visitors can easily seek answers to their questions.

accessibleGO Travel Forum categories.

And each topic has a timeline that instantly shows the history of each discussion.

accessibleGO Travel Forum topic timeline.

The accessibleGO travel forum also gives “reward badges” the more you engage with other users and their posts. This allows us to publicly recognize the top contributors in the community over time.

Have accessible travel questions?
Come on in!

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