Atlanta Sidewalk Accessibility

Atlanta’s sidewalks are well kept in most areas of the city.  The smoothest sidewalks in the best condition are located in the Midtown district and in the areas surrounding Centennial Olympic Park.  Due to the damaging effects of winter ice and snow, certain sidewalk areas may have large cracks or an uneven surface.  Certain sidewalks may have large potholes and broken areas.  Sidewalks are passable for users of all wheelchair or scooter types.

Some parts of the city are elevated, which may cause some difficulty for users of manual wheelchairs.  Streets and sidewalks in the city, including within the downtown districts,can rise sharply, making for a steep grade.  In these instances, wheelchair users may wish to take the city bus at times in order to prevent fatigue or save wheelchair battery power.

Curb cuts are available at the majority of intersections.