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Most single-family homes lack a barrier-free entryway and, when I’m invited over to a friend’s house, I have to ask if there is a step to get inside. Rather than trying to develop an access solution on the fly, it’s much better to be prepared with a portable wheelchair ramp of your own. I was recently in the market for a new portable wheelchair ramp for use in these situations, and did a lot of research to find one that would suit my needs.

Some ramps are more adaptable than others and there are trade-offs with every purchase, so I figured my research could be helpful to you in purchasing your own portable wheelchair ramp. Here are the 5 ramps that I consider to be among the best on the market. Depending on your particular use case, you should be able to narrow this list down to the one that works best for you.

Ruedamann Wheelchair Ramps with Non-skid Surface, Carrying Handles and Pin Connectors

Available in various lengths (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet), Ruedamann Wheelchair Ramps are a fantastic high-quality option for providing wheelchair access. Each ramp folds in half, has a carry handle, and features non-slip rubber pads to improve traction in all conditions.

Wheelchair user rolling up a 6-foot portable ramp.

In addition to the hundreds of positive reviews, three features really sent this ramp to the top of my list: an included protective case, pins that allow the ramp to be secured to a step or deck, and the ability to fold the ramp in half for portability. Its 800-lb. weight rating also gave me the confidence to use the ramp with my full-size power wheelchair.

Amazon has the following Ruedamann ramps available with free 2-day Prime shipping:

Take a look at the various lengths on offer — I’ve found that a 4-ft. ramp suits my needs well, though what’s best for you will depend on the height of the obstacles you’re dealing with.

Premium Roll-up Ramps by Atlantis handle loads of up to 1,650 pounds

If you’re not restricted to a certain budget like I was, you can’t go wrong with a roll-up ramp from Atlantis — it’s certainly the most premium wheelchair ramp on the market. These extremely durable and lightweight aluminum ramps literally roll up like a rug. Don’t be fooled by their portability, these ramps are strong too — capable of supporting loads of up to 1,650 pounds!

Atlantis ramps are offered in a variety of lengths:

For a limited time, Atlantis is offering discounts of $50 to $75 through Amazon — Use the links above, then be sure to select the checkbox next to “apply coupon” to take advantage of the discount.

DecPac Portable Wheelchair Ramps are versatile and made of fiberglass

The portable DecPac ramps are a superb choice, used by public transit agencies, railways and other transportation companies around the world to provide access. They’re popular due to their small size and portability — folding like an accordion and outfitted with a carrying handle, they’re a sturdy lightweight solution.

Scooter pushed up accordion style ramp.

DecPac ramps are offered in the following lengths:

Although the DecPac wheelchair ramps cost quite a bit more than similarly sized aluminum ramps, you’ll get your money’s worth in quality and portability.

Telescopic Ramps from KOLO are lighter, smaller and adjustable

Although a two-piece ramp package isn’t ideal, there are some advantages in reduced size and weight. These Telescoping Wheelchair Ramps from KOLO stand out for their affordable price and ability to adjust to a range of different lengths. Each ramp set includes a nylon storage bag, making this a great option for travelers.

Manual wheelchair on telescopic two piece ramp.

Check out these options:

The drawback, of course, is that you have two independent ramps and must line them up with the wheels of your mobility device, however it can be a good solution for those who need a longer ramp for a more affordable price.

The Ruedamann Threshold Ramp is affordable and great for small curbs, doorways and lips

Small threshold ramp.

The Threshold Wheelchair Ramps by Ruedamann are thin, lightweight and built for purpose — exactly what you need to overcome door thresholds and smaller curbs. The extremely affordable ramp features a non-slip to provide excellent traction.

Note that, due to the small depth of these ramps, they aren’t intended to provide access over large obstacles. For a true street curb, you would be better to consider a folding ramp with a length of at least 3 feet.

The Adjustable Height Threshold Ramp from EZ-Access is adaptable

The EZ-Access Adjustable Height Wheelchair Ramp allows for minor adjustments in height to allow for flush transitions over thresholds and other barriers.

Adjustable height aluminum ramp.

The ramp comes in three sizes with various levels of adjustment possible:

As with all other ramp types, the EZ-Access model you’ll need is dependent upon the range of threshold heights you plan to use it with. While portable, this ramp seems well suited to more permanent use — its ability to be adjusted to the perfect height makes it a great solution for use on your home or patio.

Final Thoughts

Having a portable ramp available for use when needed can remove a lot of stress from visiting friends or exploring new environments. Many wheelchair users take a portable ramp along even on trips to faraway places, where access can not always be guaranteed. Your wheelchair ramp will fly for free as checked or carry-on luggage given its use as an important piece of mobility equipment and a companion to your wheelchair.

If you have a ramp that you’ve purchased, used and can recommend, please be sure to share it in the comments below!

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