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Wheelchair technology is advancing faster than ever — some chairs now feature built-in standing frames, while others have headlights, turn signals and back-up cameras! Even amidst all of this innovation, not all needs are accounted for — outfitting your chair with additional accessories can increase its comfort and expand its utility. Whether you use a manual or powered wheelchair, this list of accessories and attachments will help you add new features and get more out of your mobility device.

CushPocket® Under Seat Wheelchair Bag

Storage bag affixed to front of manual wheelchair.

Built by a wheelchair user for wheelchair users, the CushPocket® bag provides a fantastic place to store your personal items in a convenient under-seat location. Suitable for use with both manual and power wheelchairs, it is a stylish and adaptable storage solution. Check out this video from Jason, CushPocket’s creator, for an overview of its features:

The bag is affordable at around $40, and you can purchase it directly from the CushPocket website, or through Amazon (where Prime members receive free shipping).

USB Charger with R-NET Connector for Power Wheelchairs

The Cheelcare USB-C Port for Power Wheelchairs allows you to outfit your power wheelchair with USB-C and USB-A ports for charging your cell phone and other electronic devices. Many wheelchair manufacturers provide a USB charging port as an optional add-on, but the feature tends to be very expensive — this aftermarket solution is much more affordable.

USB port for power wheelchair

If you use a manual wheelchair or a power chair without R-Net ports, I recommend purchasing an Anker Power Bank — it’s useful when you’re on the go and need to top off, and I keep one as a backup for use on flights when I’m separated from my wheelchair.

Adjustable Umbrella Holder

I’ve only got one hand and have to use that to drive my — that makes holding an umbrella in the rain nearly impossible. The ANEFY Universal Umbrella Holder provides a solution, with an adjustable umbrella holder that connects to your mobility device.

Clamp to attach umbrella to wheelchair or scooter.

The connection point will vary depending on the type of wheelchair or scooter you have, but with a bit of tinkering you’re sure to find somewhere to connect it. This tool cab also be used on other types of mobility aids like walkers and rollators.

Pod covering power wheelchair.

If you’re looking for a more gimmicky product to keep you dry, check out the Under the Weather ChairPod. It’s definitely an interesting fashion statement.

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

The FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment adds a large pneumatic front wheel tire to manual wheelchairs, increasing maneuverability and ability to clear obstacles like cobblestones and uneven terrain. The wheel weighs about 6 pounds, and brings the casters of the wheelchair up about 2 inches.

Big wheel attachment for manual wheelchair.

This low weight third wheel for ultralight wheelchairs uses a patented fastener for fast and secure attachment. The kit includes all pieces necessary to attach it to virtually all makes and models of folding or rigid wheelchairs. The compact kit has been updated over the years so both men and women can attach it, and in most cases not need to purchase any additional supplies. There are also replacement parts available. 

Adjustable Velcro Safety Harness

Those who lack trunk control or who have upper body strength rely on harnesses to remain seated upright in their wheelchairs — although that isn’t the case for me, I have found some uses for a safety harnesses, and realized that the velcro styles are extremely adaptable. The OOCOME Adjustable Safety Harness for wheelchair users is one such option and worth taking a look at.

Velcro belt for securing person to wheelchair.

Velcro harnesses are easier to adjust than traditional locking straps — they make independent use easier, and there is also the benefit of comfort, with no plastic clasps to get in the way.

Max Mobility SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

Even manual wheelchair users would like a power boost from time to time, and the SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist Attachment is the most popular device of its kind on the market.

Smart Drive wheelchair attachment.

According to the manufacturer, “SmartDrive offers a range of controls to deliver a seamless power assist experience, providing an opportunity for 80% fewer pushes.” The SmartDrive’s “mounting location, the ergonomic handle, the weight, and the OmniWheel were all designed to give manual wheelchair user access to fewer pushes.” With control possible via a smartphone app and wearable tech, SmartDrive responds to your needs in real time and gives you an extra boost of energy to power your roll.

EZRIDE+ Manual Wheelchair Power Attachment

Want to turn your manual wheelchair into a motorcycle? Attach handlebars and a power wheel to your chair, and you’ll be tearing it up on the road. Many of my friends have purchased variations of these devices, and it has really improved their mobility — they’re able to travel faster and farther than I can in my own full-size power wheelchair.

Manual fixed frame wheelchair with easy ride power attachment.

In the United States, the EZRIDE+ Manual Wheelchair Power Attachment is a popular solution that attaches to most standard wheelchairs, with adapters and extensions for rigid chairs and fixed foot plates also available. It has three speed settings of 3, 6 and 12 miles per hour, and allows for 360-degree turns and forward/reverse travel.

For those in Europe and other parts of the world, the Triride Power Attachment comes highly recommended and is used by many of my friends who live in countries where it is sold.

    Cupholder and Cell Phone Attachments

    “You need a cupholder.” My friends tell me so all the time and, while I haven’t done so yet, there are times that I wish I had one!

    3 wheelchair attachments from box.

    There are many solutions for cupholders, cell phone holders and other useful attachments, however the particular type that works for you will depend on the type of wheelchair you have and where it can be successfully attached. Here are a few products I’ve identified that might fit your wheelchair:

    Wheelchair Must Be Loaded Upright Bag Tag

    After American Airlines tipped my wheelchair on its side despite there being no reason to do so, I realized that I needed to attach a message to the chair — I wanted to remind baggage handlers that my wheelchair should be loaded upright.

    Red fabric luggage tag attached to wheelchair with white embroidered letters that reads wheelchair must be loaded upright.

    That inspired the creation of this Wheelchair Must Be Loaded Upright luggage tag, which I attached directly to my wheelchair. More than a hundred Wheelchair Travel readers have purchased a tag of their own and, with this tag, you can send one last message to those responsible for loading your mobility device into the airplane cargo hold.

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