Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and the country’s largest, with a population of more than 7 million. Although travel and tourism has historically made up only a small portion of the country’s GDP, the number of foreign tourists has grown in recent years. Wheelchair accessibility in Bogota is generally poor, even in comparison to other South American cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Despite these difficulties, determined wheelchair users can still manage to have an enjoyable time exploring the city.

Wheelchair accessible tourist activities in Bogota include the iconic Bolivar Square, the funicular ride up Monserrate Hill, and museums like the Gold Museum, Botero Museum and Bogota Planetarium. The opportunity to enjoy local cuisine, shop in street markets and explore the city’s numerous public parks makes for fantastic fun. Using the world’s most complete guide to wheelchair accessible travel in Bogota, Colombia, you will have the resources to plan and prepare your trip to this interesting city.

Guide Contents

Aerial view of Bogota airport with planes at gates.

Airport Accessibility

Bogota’s modern international airport features a wheelchair accessible terminal.

Church on a mountaintop with city skyline below.

Attractions & Sights

Many of Bogota’s attractions are at least partially accessible, including Monserrate Hill.

Modern hotel room with large windows.

Hotels & Accommodations

Select a place to stay from this list of wheelchair accessible hotels in Bogota.

Red city bus

Public Transportation

The public transit system in Bogota is only partially wheelchair accessible.

Power wheelchair on a street in Bogota, Colombia.

Sidewalk Accessibility

Getting around Bogota can be challenging, with some sidewalks lacking a curb ramp.

Colombia flag icon over images of passports.

Visa Requirements & Safety

Secure your travel visa and stay safe in Colombia with these travel & safety tips.