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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Front facade of the Las Vegas Marriott Hotel, set against a blue sky with white clouds.After a couple of nights on the Las Vegas Strip, I was eager to take a break from tourist crowds and slot machines, and decided to spend my final night in Sin City at the Las Vegas Marriott hotel. Due to its proximity to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the hotel attracts business travelers and is a nice change of pace from the never-ending party taking place at the nearby casino resorts. Still, a stay at the Marriott hotel won’t create a barrier to joining that excitement if you wish, as Las Vegas Boulevard is only two blocks away. The SDX and Deuce bus services offer an excellent connection to all of the top resorts on The Strip and to Fremont Street downtown.

Reservation & Check-in

During my stay, room rates were $149 per night, but I elected to use some of my Marriott Rewards points to cover the cost of the room. Through, I reserved a room with a king size bed and roll-in shower just a few hours before check-in and without doing a lot of research. I was hopeful that my room would have the accessibility features described on the website, and I was not disappointed.

Room #1111

I was assigned to room number 1111. When I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw – the room was a suite, which I later learned is standard for all king size rooms in the hotel.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A large living room space with two sofas, ottomans, a flat screen television and a desk, plus floor to ceiling windows.

The door opens to a large living space, with a chair, sofa, ottomans, a desk, flat screen television, and a large floor to ceiling window. The bedroom with king size bed is concealed behind the two french doors. This living area has ample space for a wheelchair to move about, and was one of the great places to relax in the room/suite.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The room's living area seen from the opposite direction and behind the desk, with a doorway to the bathroom and a wetter at the far end.

Looking at the living area from the opposite direction and behind the desk, you’ll notice a wet bar at the far end of the room, as well as a doorway leading to the accessible bathroom.


The french doors open to a small sleeping area with a king size bed. There is plenty of space for wheelchairs on both sides of the bed, though the doors may impede the path when opened into the room. Nightstands are located next to the bed on both sides, each containing a lamp with power ports that are easily accessible. Reading lights extend from the headboard. The bed linens are high quality and comfortable, as you should expect when staying at a full service Marriott hotel.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Bathroom sink with door leading into the suite's bedroom.

The bathroom is accessible via two doors – one leading directly into the bedroom, and another leading into the living room. Pictured above is the former, located next to the wheelchair accessible sink, which has plenty of empty space beneath the countertop. Towels are located in cubicles that are within easy reach from the seat of a wheelchair.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Wheelchair accessible roll-in shower with built-in shower bench, a handheld nozzle and a shower curtain.

The bathroom’s centerpiece was the well designed roll-in shower. The shower included all of the standard accessibility features, such as a built-in seat/bench, a grab bar along the wall, a handheld shower nozzle, and water controls that are easily within reach. The large shower curtain did an excellent job of preventing water from escaping out onto the bathroom floor.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A wheelchair accessible bathroom toilet surrounded by grab bars.

The toilet was ADA compliant and well designed for wheelchair users. Space to the left of the toilet makes it easy to park a wheelchair alongside and facilitate a safe transfer. Grab bars affixed to the walls surrounding the toilet also complement the toilet’s safety-focused design. Toilet paper rolls are within reach, as was an in-room telephone that could be used in the event of an emergency.


I had two meals in the hotel’s restaurant, Cafe 325 – dinner the night of arrival, and breakfast the following morning. The options on the lunch & dinner menu ranged from lighter fare (salads and sandwiches) to steaks, seafood and pasta. I personally selected the Marriott Burger, which is made of angus beef and is one of my favorite cheeseburgers anywhere.

At breakfast, I chose the complete American buffet, which included specialty omelettes prepared by the hotel chef. I was disappointed by the croissants, but the remainder of the breakfast was top notch. The chef was very focused on the quality of his work, and even came out to ask myself and others if we were satisfied. From what I overheard, we all were!

Final Thoughts

My room at the Las Vegas Marriott hotel exceeded my expectations in accessibility and design, which formed the foundation for a very enjoyable stay. The hotel’s proximity to the Vegas Strip was convenient, but the distance also allowed me to relax and take a break from the nonstop action. Public transportation connections were excellent, with only a short roll to the express bus that connects the Strip with downtown.

I’m confident that wheelchair users looking for an accessible room with a roll-in shower in Las Vegas will not be disappointed by the offering at the Las Vegas Marriott. The fact that all king-size rooms are suites is also a nice bonus, because accessible suites can be difficult to find. I look forward to my next trip to Las Vegas, and will definitely keep this hotel on my short list for accommodation.

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