Accessibility barriers affect people with disabilities all around the world, no matter their age, race, religion, nationality or economic status.

That was readily apparent from the people tweeting using the #InaccessibilityMeans hashtag. The trending topic began with a tweet from Emily Ladau, Editor in Chief of Rooted in Rights and Cohost of The Accessible Stall Podcast.

Her tweet sparked a discussion about the types of barriers we face as people with disabilities, the ways in which society responds (or doesn’t respond) to those barriers, and the often negative effects those obstacles place on our lives.

While the discussion was wide-ranging, covering everything from access to medical care to access to the ballot box, I’ve shared a few of the travel-themed tweets below.

And here are a couple added by yours truly:

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What does inaccessibility mean to you? How have access barriers impacted your life, whether in the day-to-day or during your travel adventures? Let me know in the comments below!

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