Situated along the White River and at the “Crossroads of America,” Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the United States. The city annually attracts tourists for events such as the Indy 500, NCAA basketball tournament and the NFL Scouting Combine. It is also a city with a large collection of impressive museums, including the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, the largest in the world. Home to three Fortune 500 companies, Indianapolis is a center of trade, commerce, transportation and innovation.

The city is proud to have one of the most beautiful downtown districts in the country. A central canal runs through parts of downtown, connecting museums. parks, restaurants and sporting venues with a beautiful Canal Walk. Canoes and paddle boats float along this canal, which is a center of public life in the city.

Now, the city also holds our designation of excellent accessibility. The close proximity of attractions with one another allows wheelchair users and disabled travelers to easily take part in what the city has to offer. The review and travel guide below will ensure that you have the tools and information needed to experience all that the Crossroads of America has to offer.

Guide Contents

Wheelchair assistance at Indianapolis Airport.

Airport Accessibility

The airport’s $1.1 billion terminal opened in 2008 and is one of the most accessible in America.

Wheelchair accessible attractions in Indianapolis.

Attractions & Sights

From the zoo with fantastic views of the city skyline to the impressive World War Memorial, you won’t be left wanting for family-friendly things to do.

Wheelchair accessible hotels in Indianapolis.

Hotels & Accommodations

Select a place to stay from this list of wheelchair accessible hotels in Indianapolis.

Wheelchair accessible public transport in Indianapolis.

Public Transportation

The city bus system in Indianapolis connects visitors to all points of interest.

Wheelchair taxis in Indianapolis.

Wheelchair Taxis

Rear-entry wheelchair taxis are available in Indianapolis with advance reservation.

Wheelchair accessibility of sidewalks in Indianapolis.

Sidewalk Accessibility

The city is hard at work on sidewalk improvement, making this a great place to explore in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair accessible sporting events in Indianapolis.

Sports Teams & Stadiums

Wheelchair users will enjoy attending Indianapolis Colts and Pacers games.