Indianapolis Airport Accessibility

Indianapolis Airport - Photo by John Morris

The Indianapolis metro area is served by one major airport:  Indianapolis International Airport (IND).  The airport is fully accessible to disabled passengers and wheelchairs may be taken to the gate and aircraft door.  All airlines provide services for the disabled at each airport in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities and Air Carrier Access Acts.

If wheelchair users plan to take public transportation from the airport to downtown Indianapolis, IndyGo bus 8 offers service every 30 minutes. The transit time to downtown is, on average, 45 minutes.  Connections are available to other bus routes at multiple points downtown. Additional information on routes and trip planning is available in the Public Transportation section of this guide.

Accessible taxis can be requested at the airport, but you can expect to wait 1-2 hours if you have not made a reservation in advance.

For additional information concerning accessibility at the airport and the accessible accommodations that have been installed there, visit