Indianapolis Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Indianapolis is a bus-only system operated by the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation.  IndyGo is completely accessible to the disabled and wheelchair users. The system covers most parts of the city and the entirety of downtown.  Due to the frequency of bus stops, transit times can be higher than systems in other cities.

IndyGo City Bus Service

IndyGo City Bus Wheelchair Ramp
Wheelchair ramp on an Indianapolis IndyGo city bus.

The city bus system, known as IndyGo, features 28 routes that service approximately 5,000 individual stops.  Buses are equipped with numerous accessibility features which make them entirely accessible to the disabled and wheelchair users.  These adaptations include:

  • All buses kneel or lower and are equipped with lowered floors/wheelchair ramps or lifts.
  • Two wheelchair securement areas with tie-downs are located on each bus. Use of tie-downs is mandatory.
  • Audio/visual stop and intersection announcements.
  • Lowered yellow accessible stop/alert buttons are positioned next to each wheelchair securement area.

The IndyGo bus fleet is being continuously updated, modernized and improved.  In June 2015, the city introduced 21 buses that are fully electric and operate on downtown routes during rush hour.  All but three buses entered service in the year 2000 or later.  The majority of the fleet has been updated more recently – most buses have a model year of 2010 or later.

Fares, route maps and schedules

Fares on the IndyGo buses are $1.75 each way.  Fares paid by cash/coin onboard the buses require exact change.  Unlimited ride passes are also available.  One-day passes can be purchased onboard the bus for $4.00.  Seven day passes are available for $20.00, but can only be purchased at the IndyGo office, online or at partner locations.

Discounted fares for seniors age 65+ and for those with disabilities are available, but require a reduced fare permit and application.  Details on the application process and reduced fare amounts can be found at

  • For a complete map of the IndyGo bus system, CLICK HERE (PDF).
  • For bus times, schedules and directions, CLICK HERE.
  • For information on the city’s ADA Paratransit service and to see if you qualify, CLICK HERE.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of accessibility of the world’s public transit systems, please use the comments section at the bottom of this page to share your experiences and any changes you may have noticed in Indianapolis.


Amtrak rail service is available to/from Union Station in Indianapolis. For routes, fares and tickets, visit A 15-percent discount is available to the disabled and users of wheelchairs and the majority of Amtrak trains in the Midwest are wheelchair accessible.