Milwaukee’s taxi companies are behind the times, and do not offer wheelchair accessible ADA taxis with ramps. For power wheelchair users like me, this limits my options, as only public transportation is both accessible and affordable. Private, accessible rides can be arranged through one of the non-emergency medical transportation companies. I have provided their contact information below:

Choice Care Transport
+1 (414) 393-1944

Tootl Transport
+1 (414) 376-2222

Transtar Medical Transport
+1 (800) 972-8080

Please be aware that I have not used any of these companies personally, and cannot comment on their service or rates. I only provide their contact information as a service to you.

For wheelchair users who are able to transfer into a standard taxi and stow their chair in the trunk, you’ll be able to reserve a cab from one of these companies:

American United Transportation
+1 (414) 220-5000

Yellow Cab Co-Op
+1 (414) 271-1800

If you have experience with these or any other transportation or taxi providers in Milwaukee, please share your experience in the comments below.