Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and the third largest city in Germany. The city attracts millions of tourists each year, and is a center of art, business, culture, entertainment and history.

If you are a lover of beer, you will be attracted to Munich, like those who make the journey for the annual Oktoberfest celebration. There is much more to the city than its incredible Bavarian wheat beer. It has some of the finest museums in Germany, including the Deutsches Museum and Munich Stadtmuseum. Historical sites including the Dachau Concentration Camp, Town Hall and Church of St. Peter are within easy reach for tourists of all abilities.

Wheelchair accessibility is excellent in all areas: attractions, public transportation, hotels, etc. My trip to Munich was fantastic, represented by the city’s excellent score in my accessibility metric below.

Guide Contents

Wheelchair assistance at Munich Airport.

Airport Accessibility

Munich Airport is a major airline hub, with non-stop flights to destinations in the United States and Europe.

Wheelchair accessible attractions in Munich.

Attractions & Sights

You’ll enjoy visiting Munich’s countless beer halls, museums, historic monuments and public parks.

Wheelchair accessible hotels in Munich.

Hotels & Accommodations

Find a place to stay using this list of wheelchair accessible hotels in Munich.

Wheelchair accessible public transport in Munich.

Public Transportation

The U-Bahn and S-Bahn in Munich are both wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair taxis in Munich.

Wheelchair Taxis

Adapted vehicles with wheelchair lifts are available in Munich with advance reservation.

Wheelchair accessibility of sidewalks in Munich.

Sidewalk Accessibility

Rolling around Munich with a wheelchair is easy, save for a few cobbled areas in the historic city center.

Travel visa requirements for Germany.

Visa Requirements & Safety

Germany is a very safe country in the European Union’s Schengen Area.