Munich Sidewalk Accessibility

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A sidewalk in Munich, Germany.While many European cities have sidewalks that are behind the times in terms of wheelchair accessibility and roll-ability, Munich is not one of them. Even in the oldest parts of town, the majority of sidewalks feature curb cuts, and the cobblestone walkways are not exceedingly rough or uneven.

The downtown and central areas of the city are relatively flat, making conditions favorable for use of a manual wheelchair or extending the battery life and range of an electric one.

Roadway intersections feature signal lights to advise pedestrians when it is safe to cross.

In the central areas of town, crowds can be a hindrance to the movement of all people, especially wheelchair users. A simple “excuse me” will generally do the trick, or you can use the German “Entschuldigen Sie.”

I gave the city an excellent rating for sidewalk accessibility because I faced no significant barriers to access during my time there. It has all of the infrastructure necessary for a city to be easily walkable and rollable. It is wheel friendly to wheelers! 😉