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The Big Apple. Gotham. Metropolis. The city that never sleeps. The largest city in the United States. New York City is often considered to be the world’s city. Tourists fly to NYC from all points around the globe every day. A short stroll through central park will expose you to countless foreign languages. In the span of just five minutes, you could hear French, Dutch, Chinese and Russian, if not more! A trip to New York can be a trip across the globe, even if it is truly only a trip from Pennsylvania or Utah or Illinois.

Despite New York's status as the "city of the world," it is lagging in many critical areas of accessibility. The city's subway system is complicated, crowded, and only partially accessible. The sights are worth the hassle, and the vast majority of NYC's most popular attractions are open to all. Dig into this guide, and I'll show you how to navigate this mega-sized metropolis.

Guide Contents

Airport Accessibility

You can reach New York from three airports: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.

Attractions & Sights

From Broadway to Fifth Avenue to Lower Manhattan, NYC has everything - seriously.

Hotels & Accommodations

Almost all hotels in NYC offer handicap accessible guest rooms with roll-in showers.

Public Transportation

Avoid the subway and take the city bus - it will save you a major headache.

Wheelchair Taxis

More wheelchair-friendly taxis than any other city in the United States.

Sports Teams & Stadiums

Play ball! Wheelchair users won't be left out at major sporting events in New York.

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