New York City and the surrounding areas have a large number of wheelchair taxis which can accommodate both manual and powered wheelchairs. The accessible taxi vans have a lowered floor and are equipped for rear (lift gate) or side-entry. While these taxis can be ordered on demand, wait times can be up to 30 minutes depending on your pick-up location and the time of day. In Midtown and Lower Manhattan, you’ll often be able to hail an ADA taxi from the curb.

ADA taxi with wheelchair ramp in New York City

Wheelchair Taxi Dispatch in New York City

The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission manages a program which handles the dispatch of wheelchair taxis within Manhattan.  If you require a taxi within Manhattan, you may contact the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission wheelchair taxi dispatch office:

(646) 599-9999
Text a request to (646) 400-0789

For pick-ups in the Bronx, Brooklyn, northern Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, the dispatch service listed above cannot be of service.  To request an accessible taxi in those areas, CLICK HERE to view a list of taxi companies which serve in the outer boroughs.

Wheelchair Taxi Fares in New York City

Wheelchair taxi trips originating in New York City are charged at the same rate as a normal taxi. NYC’s city-approved fares are below:

Flag Drop/Entry — $2.50
Per 1/5 mile at speed of 12mph or above  — $0.50
Waiting time (per minute) — $0.50
New York State Surcharge — $0.50
Night Surcharge (8pm to 6am) — $0.50
Peak Surcharge (4pm to 8pm Monday-Friday) — $1.00
Passenger is responsible for all tolls.

Flat Rate (JFK Airport to/from Manhattan) — $52.00 + $0.50 tax
Flat Rate to all areas outside NYC/Manhattan varies & is set by law.

Taxi operators are prohibited by law from starting the taxi meter before wheelchair passengers have loaded into the vehicle and are settled.  There is also no fee for luggage brought into the taxicab or placed into the trunk.

Private Wheelchair Transportation in New York City

No matter where you are in New York City, NYC Wheelchair Transportation can pick you up in one of their traditional wheelchair taxis, a wheelchair accessible black car or limousine, all of which are accessible to both manual and power wheelchairs. Access to the vehicle is provided by a wheelchair ramp or lift, and drivers will mount your wheelchair securely inside the vehicle. If you don’t have a wheelchair, let the company know and they will provide one. Whether you are traveling one way, round-trip, or need a driver for all day errands, NYC Wheelchair Transportation can provide your accessible ride. A driver is often only 15 minutes away in most places and you can book a same day service or reserve months in advance. The company’s website provides fully automated online reservations or you can call for a wheelchair accessible ride.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation in New York City

If you need a higher level of disability accessible transportation, consider NYC Wheelchair Transportation and their non-emergency ambulette service in New York City and the surrounding area. Short or long interstate medical transportation is also provided. Each vehicle has a ramp or lift making it wheelchair accessible and stretcher accessible. Book round trip transportation to a doctor’s appointment in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Expertly trained drivers can provide door-to-door medical transportation, helping customers up and down stairs and delivering them on-time to their appointment. For more information on New York’s top senior transportation provider, visit New York City Wheelchair Transportation.