Wheelchair Accessible Cities in South America

Tourism Information for Wheelchair Users
PHOTO: City in South America.

Traditionally thought to be inaccessible, South America deserves a second look by wheelchair users and slow walkers of all ages. The content is home to 12 countries and 4 dependencies. Each year, millions of tourists travel to South America, many coming in on cruise ships.

South American culture was developed out of contributions by indigenous people, European conquistadors and the slaves who were brought from Africa. This blending of cultures has influenced music, art, literature, cuisine and more to create vibrant communities across the continent.

Use these destination guides to plan and prepare for a wheelchair accessible vacation in South America. Each guide is filled with information gained from my personal experience traveling across the continent with a wheelchair. With these guides, you'll be able to ride the oldest subway in Latin America, take a funicular to the top of Monserrate in Bogota and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. You can do all this and more, from the seat of your wheelchair!

Wheelchair Accessible Bogota

Bogota, Colombia

This high-altitude city has one of the world's largest wheelchair accessible bus rapid transit systems.
Wheelchair Accessible Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fall in love with the European architecture, colorful buildings, 250+ public parks and 280+ performance theaters.
Wheelchair Accessible Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Founded in 1680, this city's Historic Quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, complete with a fortification wall and lighthouse.
Wheelchair Accessible Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The former Portuguese colony has become one of the most accessible destinations in Latin America.
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