St. Louis Public Transportation

St. Louis’s public transportation system is entirely accessible & wheelchair friendly. It consists of the MetroLink Light Rail and the MetroBus city bus systems.

St. Louis MetroLink train

The MetroLink offers two lines, Red and Blue, and serves 37 stations. The Red line runs between Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and Shiloh-Scott. The Blue line operates between Shrewsbury and Fairview Heights. Both lines serve all downtown stations and those between Forest Park and Fairview Heights. The MetroLink crosses the Mississippi River and serves stations in both Missouri and Illinois. Connections to MetroBus routes are available at all MetroLink stations.

The majority of MetroLink stations are above ground and use ramps (not elevators) to provide access to station platforms. A small number downtown stations are below ground but offer elevators, making the light rail system fully accessible those with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair. The gap between station platforms and trains is minimal, providing easy roll-on/roll-off ability. Each train car is equipped with priority seating for the disabled and elderly. Priority seats can be folded up to make space for wheelchairs.


St. Louis City Bus

MetroBus city bus service covers 75 individual routes and serves more than 9,000 stops. All buses are wheelchair accessible with lowered floors and wheelchair ramps or a wheelchair lift. Each bus is outfitted with two wheelchair securement areas with tie-downs/straps. Priority seating is also made available to seniors and persons with disabilities.

For additional information on the accessibility of public transportation in and around St. Louis, visit

Fares on the MetroLink and MetroBus are as follows:

Bus  —  $2.00
Rail  —  $2.50
2-hour pass/transfer  —  $3.00
Day pass  —  $7.50
Weekly pass — $27.00

The least expensive pass offered for sale at the Lambert Airport MetroLink stations is a 2-hour pass with transfers for $4.00. Bus fares remain the standard $2.00. Half-off reduced fares are available systemwide for seniors age 65+ and persons with disabilities. These discounts are available after submitting an application for a reduced fare permit. For more information or to download an application, visit

Public transportation routes, maps and schedules are provided via the below links:

An ADA paratransit service is available to those who qualify. For more information or to apply, visit