St. Louis Sidewalk Accessibility

Sidewalk in St. LouisThe City of St. Louis has made very little investment in sidewalks. Most sidewalks are uneven, causing a bumpy and uncomfortable ride as wheelchairs move across the cement slabs or segments of sidewalk. Except in the central downtown areas and around the sports stadiums, sidewalk quality is deteriorating. Holes, uneven surfaces and cracks are common. On some sidewalks, entire sections of concrete surface are missing.

Curb cuts are present at most, but not all intersections. When encountering an intersection missing a curb cut, wheelchair users will need to enter the roadway and roll along the street until reaching the nearest accessible sidewalk. In other cases, a curb cut may be present, but the sidewalk is too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair, or is blocked by a fire hydrant or lamp post. These challenges are most often presented outside of the primary downtown neighborhood. Market Street, beyond 20th Street, is an example of a street with multiple challenges to wheelchair accessibility.

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