Wheelchair Taxis in St. Louis

In attempting to secure a wheelchair accessible taxis in St. Louis, I have either been very unlucky or they simply do not exist. Several taxi companies claim to have accessible vans with rear (lift gate) entry and ramps, but I have been unable to secure an accessible taxi after nearly a dozen attempts. I placed requests on weekdays, nights and on weekends.

When calling, I’ve received all manner of excuses. What is clear is that the city government has failed to make them available to residents and tourists with disabilities. It is their responsibility to hold the local cab companies accountable to the ADA, and they have failed… miserably.

Even though they are never available when I call, the companies claim that they do exist. I unfortunately cannot provide pictures of these taxi vans, as I have never seen one. There are plenty of brand new vans being used as taxis, but I’ve never seen one with a ramp. Thankfully, the city’s public transportation system is adequate.

If you would like to reserve one of these taxis, I recommend calling well in advance (days) to ensure that one is reserved. I post this list of the St. Louis cab companies which claim to offer wheelchair accessible taxis, but warn you to plan on not being able to utilize one. I am committed to helping you open your world, and the businesses listed below should be ashamed of their lack of inclusion for the disabled public. Please share in the comments any experiences you may have – positive or negative – with these companies in reserving or attempting to reserve an accessible taxi.

Metropolitan Taxicab
(314) 773-1000

A-Best Taxi Service
(314) 781-1515

St. Louis Airport Taxi Council
(314) 740-8909

Metro West Transport
(636) 272-8294

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