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Located at the center of Singapore’s art and culture district, the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach offers wheelchair accessible hotel rooms in one of the city’s most desirable locations. The hotel is luxurious, modern, comfortable and accessible, and it is sure to make you feel at home in Southeast Asia’s most wheelchair-friendly city.

Room Rates & Reservations

The cost of a hotel room at the JW Marriott in Singapore varies, with prices influenced by demand. Booking 3 to 6 months in advance of your stay generally results in getting one of the lowest rates

Future room rates at the JW Marriott Singapore Hotel.
Future room rates at the JW Marriott Singapore Hotel.

The screenshot above contains nightly room rates for a stay six months after this article’s publication. The rates range from 281 SGD (~$203 USD) to 417 SGD (~$302 USD). The JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is not an inexpensive hotel, but its room rates are competitive with the city’s other 5-star hotels.

Reservations can be made online via the hotel website.

Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room

The only accessible room type offered at the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is a standard room with two twin beds. Although this is disappointing (wheelchair users want suites too!), the room still felt luxurious. My guest room was number 528, located on the fifth floor with a roll-in shower.

Two twin-sized beds at JW Marriott Singapore.
Two twin-sized beds at JW Marriott Singapore.

The beds were 23 inches (58 cm) tall, with adequate space for my wheelchair on the left and at the foot of the bed. The two beds were pushed close together, but could have been pulled apart if necessary. They are small and easy to manipulate. Clear floor space under the bed was 10 inches (25 cm), more than enough to accommodate a patient lift.

USB ports and a power outlet alongside the bed allowed me to charge my wheelchair and other electronics. Note that electricity in Singapore is delivered at 230 volts. Travelers from the U.S. and North America may need to use a step-down power transformer to charge wheelchairs that use the 120V standard. Please see the guide to charging a power wheelchair abroad for more information and tips. My new wheelchair has a dual-voltage charger, so I plugged right into the wall (with a plug adapter) and charged without issue.

A work desk and flat screen tv were located one the wall opposite the bed.

Carpeted rugs stretched across the floor of the room were thick and may frustrate some manual wheelchair users. With my power wheelchair, it was no problem, and the room was compact anyway.

Mirrors cover the cabinet and mini-bar space next to the bed. The closet had a lowered clothing rack and a locking safe. The mini-bar was stored inside of a drawer refrigerator, which was nicely accessible.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

The wheelchair accessible bathroom was spacious enough accommodate my power wheelchair. If there had been more than one floor drain, this bathroom might have qualified as a wet room.

Bathroom sink and toilet with grab bars.

The toilet was loaded with features, including a bidet. It was accessible, with grab bars on the adjacent walls, including a folding bar next to the toilet. Because of the sink directly next to the toilet, a wheelchair cannot be parked alongside the toilet seat. This may present an issue for some.

Roll-in shower with wall-mounted seat.
Roll-in shower with wall-mounted seat.

The roll-in shower featured an L-shaped shower seat attached to the wall, a grab bar, handheld shower head and water controls within reach. The water drained well, but because there are no curtains, other portions of the bathroom floor got wet.

Customer Service & Attention to Detail

What truly sets the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach apart are its welcoming staff members, their attention to detail, and interest in making each guest’s stay a pleasant one.

Although service in Asia is always excellent, such as with housekeepers folding your dirty clothes and picking up after you, one particular item stood out. My room attendant had noticed that the desk chair was getting in my way, so he moved it and left a note for me which read:

Mr. John, Good afternoon, Thank you for choosing JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. We notice that some furniture in the room may block your pass way. So we did some arrangement of the room set up. Hope my arrangement will make your stay more comfortable. Have a nice day.

That attention to detail is refreshing – a staff member taking the initiative to remove an access barrier, in the interest of making things easier for me.

As you may know, my trip to Singapore was shortened due to a gallbladder attack. After I was released from the hospital in Singapore, I returned to the hotel to collect my belongings and left immediately for the airport. The hotel staff, who knew of my hospitalization, reached out in an e-mail to wish me well, and sent a scanned copy of the following card, which they created and sent to my room:

Get Well Soon card created by hotel staff, with drawing of the globe and an airplane.

It was a nice touch and much appreciated!

Location & Transportation

The Esplanade MRT station is located directly outside of the JW Marriott Hotel, and there is an elevator at the station entrance closest to the hotel. The Circle Line stops at Esplanade station, but there are connections to the other lines with a few stops.

Esplanade metro station elevator entrance.
Esplanade metro station elevator entrance.

In addition to the metro train system, numerous city bus routes stop at or within a few blocks of the hotel. One of these bus routes is number 36, which connects downtown Singapore with Changi Airport.

Numerous tourist attractions are within walking distance of the JW Marriott, including War Memorial Park, the National Museum, the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, the ArtScience Museum and more.

Final Thoughts

The JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is one of the city’s most luxurious and most accessible hotels, located at the center of it all and within walking distance of the top attractions and restaurants. I highly recommend the JW Marriott Singapore and look forward to my next stay at this top-ranked hotel.

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