There are many reasons why you may be taking a long-haul trip; it may be to see your family, for a vacation or even moving for work. Whatever the reason, you will likely have a lot of time when travelling. Many people will go on social media or stress about the trip, but you can also opt to play a few video games. Gaming is a great option because it helps you pass the time and focus on your game, which is less stressful than thinking about the trip. To have a great time, you need to carry the right gadgets. Here is a list of the gadgets we recommend you take on a long-haul trip.

Gaming Phone

While there are other gaming gadgets you could bring on board, a gaming phone is a great option for several reasons. First, a gaming phone is very versatile; you can download the games you want before boarding or even play games that do not require a fast internet connection through the onboard Wi-Fi. 

Person playing a game on a smartphone.

While you may want to play games like Call of Duty: Mobile while travelling, you might not have the connection for it. Casino games, on the other hand, do not require too much bandwidth, making them a great option. There are a lot of casinos providing amazing mobile games, and by clicking here you can read detailed reviews to find out which would be the best one for you.

The second reason a gaming phone is such a great option is that it is easy to carry. You do not have to pack it as you can put it in the pocket, and it does not even require a case.

Hand-held Console

You might not have a gaming phone or would not like your phone to run out of juice before reaching your destination. If you have these concerns, then you should pick a dedicated gaming device such as a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. These consoles are portable, have thousands of games you can play and do not add any bulk or weight to your luggage. However, you might need a case to ensure they do not get damaged when travelling.

Gaming Laptop

If you want to go all out and you know the plane, train, or bus you will be travelling in has a power source, take a gaming laptop with you. Options like the Dell XPS or the Razor Blade are both great options since they both perform well and are not too heavy. Remember that these will add a bit more weight to your carry-on than the phone or hand-held console, but not as much as a dedicated gaming console would.

Charger and Power Bank

Both of these are not technically gaming devices, but they help support the other gaming devices you bring along. Purchasing a charger while travelling can be expensive, and there is no need to buy a charger when you already have a perfectly good one already.  

While you should always try to plug in your devices as soon as you get on board, that is not always an option because the power might be reliable. You also might not have the option. A power bank can help in this case. There are lots of options here from power banks that can charge your phone a few times over, to those that have enough power for your laptop.

The two things to remember when you carry a powerbank are to carry all the necessary USB cables for all your devices and to not bag-check your power bank. You should always pack your power bank in your carry-on.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Music and game sounds make your gaming experience better. However, you do not want to disturb and annoy everyone around you by raising the volume on your gaming device. Bringing noise-cancelling headphones is therefore recommended. You can also choose earbuds, but the former option is much better.

White noise cancelling headphones in a black case.

Gaming on headphones is more immersive and a superior experience overall. The only choice is between wireless and wired headphones. Your laptop and phone support wireless headphones, but not your Nintendo Switch, so you need to bring wired headphones.

Also, opt for closed-back headphones. Because they do not let any noise in, you do not hear anything going on around you, which is great. Also, these headphones have less noise bleed, meaning people around you cannot hear what you are listening to. 

As with gaming laptops, there are endless options to pick from here too. Just test out a few headphones in different circumstances to finds those that would be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Packing for a long-haul trip can be tricky because you might want to take everything you think you might need, but this would not be practical. You might also want to take all your gaming devices, but that is also not practical. The gaming devices and accessories we have discussed above should be an essential part of your carry-on and you can always swap out the individual devices and accessories as you wish.

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