I “cut the cord” quite a few years ago, but do pay for a few streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix to get my entertainment fix. Without a cable television subscription, some content is off-limits. One of those cable-only channels is Lifetime, known for its endless supply of cheesy, low-budget movies that tug on one’s heartstrings and appeal (largely) to women.

Ali Stroker and Daniel di Tomasso star in Christmas Ever After movie.
Image courtesy Lifetime.

Lifetime movies aren’t my cup of tea, but with Sunday’s release of Christmas Ever After, a new film starring Tony Award-winning actress Ali Stroker, I found myself searching for a way to get access to the channel. Ali is a wheelchair user — the first to appear in a lead role on the Lifetime network. I’m not a movie critic and won’t attempt to review the film, but others have done so on IndieWire, Marie Claire, The Mighty and TV Fanatic. If you have a disability, care about disability representation or simply want to enjoy a wholesome Christmas flick, you should give it a watch.

But, if you’ve cut the cord like me, you have two options for watching the movie. The first option is to rent or buy the movie from Amazon Prime video. A rental costs $2.99 or you can own the movie in HD for just $4.99, which is a great deal.

Alternatively, if you’d like to watch the movie for free, you can open an account with a TV provider and stream the movie online. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign-up for an expensive Comcast or DirecTV account. In fact, with minimal effort, you can take advantage of a free internet TV trial and get streaming in a matter of minutes. The following online TV services offer a free trial and enable access to Lifetime’s on-demand streaming library.

  • FuboTV — Free trial for 3 days
  • Hulu with Live TV — Free trial for one week
  • Philo — Free trial for 7 days

Since I have previously used up my free trials with FuboTV and Hulu, I created an account with Philo. It doesn’t offer the broad selection of channels that the others do, but I was only concerned with access to Lifetime.

Once I had my Philo account set-up, I was able to authenticate my account and stream Christmas Ever After from the Lifetime website. It really is that easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for your free Philo TV trial, watch the film, and come back here to let me know what you thought

Disclosure: If you sign-up for a trial membership or make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission which will be used to keep this website online.

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